The 5000 Keys

Art you can hold in your hand.

Upcycled from the lost, the broken, the discarded.

Infinite kingdoms to unlock;

Value to be found in all things.

Let’s begin…

11 thoughts on “Home

  1. Kathy, I love your keys, just as they are. Perhaps they are keys to magic and wonderful places we have yet to travel to


  2. Like the post above says, perhaps keys have mystic properties. Looking forward to contemplating the results of your work!


  3. I”m in. I want to see the full 5,000. I’m curious if they will be sequential or if number 3723 might sneak in ahead of 87. I want to see how big they get or how small. Will they bedazzle me? Will they bring magic? Will number 1313 open the largest door? Will they fill a room?


  4. I also like that a VOW is attached to these 5000 not-jewellery keys which unlock nothing but the imagination. A VOW holds you in its grasp. It can’t be tossed away. It can’t be scorned. You’re stuck with that VOW. Defend it whether you be drooling or your head be heavy with the fight to stay awake and focussed making keys. Unlocking keys. Unjewellery keys. Keys without hooks. Keys without handles. Just….


  5. How can we purchase or where can I go to purchase. Live in Saskatoon and would love a few to help decorate a wall.
    beautiful work and imaginative for sure!


  6. Hi Viviane, thank you for your interest and kind words! Keys can be purchased in Saskatoon at The Whimsy Store (417 33rd St West) and at the Brasserie (226 2nd Ave South). I also have work for sale in my exhibit “Infinite Places” at SCYAP Art Gallery (253 – 3rd Ave South) until the afternoon of May 20th.


    1. How wonderful the whimsy store is just around the corner from me. I plan on going to the gallery on 3rd st. hoping to go tonight. Is it open during the day time?


      1. Hi Viviane, I’m not sure if SCYAP will be open during the day this week (they are working on a project at the university this week). The gallery is open tonight until 9 pm.


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