Side Projects

Out of the Basement

It’s not just the fear that I’ll give a party and no one will come; it’s the fear that people won’t like my work…yesterday was the reception for my show at SCYAP Gallery and I’m saying yes to success! Despite the cold and the much needed rain people came. Even people I didn’t know.  Even the guy that goes to every “free food here” event attended!

There were so many great things about the evening – like the support from friends and colleagues and the attendance of my older brother and his family – I’m still taking it all in.

One of the best things was seeing kids enjoying the work (and seeing adults enjoying the work like kids).

At one point my friend said to me: “it’s nice to see the boxes not in your basement”. It sure is.

Thank you SCYAP for the opportunity and thank you people for your love and support! Maybe I’ll venture out into the world more often…

IMG_4453 IMG_4455 IMG_4479 IMG_4485 IMG_4498 13177933_10153484663302073_54958814987947473_n

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