Key Project

Template 2: Keys 834 – 835 – What Will Be Will Be

The ten keys I made from Template 1 were not without their struggles; so far the learnings from that process are making the key building from Template 2 easier. This time I made a few more templates to work from. OK, OK. I made more templates because the cereal box one wasn’t very good. I’m not what one would call a precise person or a fine craftsmen – but I get the job done. 

Since working through Template 1 I find myself thinking about the keys differently –  I’m seeing patterns in a new way and my approach to my beloved found object keys is slightly expanded. 

I’m finding that even with a template each key “goes it’s own way” and becomes something slightly unplanned. I’m good with that. 

Here are some pictures:

Template(s) 2
Template(s) 2
Key 834
Key 834
Key 835
Key 835

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