Key Project

Street, Swap, Surprise! Keys 1183 – 1185

I’m blessed to have so many wonderful key making bits come into my life. My husband brings me street treasures from his daily travels (like the flattened can opener, squished brass plug,  and beat-up lead ring in Key 1183). I attended a clothing swap several weeks ago where I traded bags of no-longer-applicable-to-me clothes for a solid little cache of jewelry. The abalone pendant on Key 1184 comes from that adventure. And I arrived at work one day to find these lovely treasures:

Best office surprise ever! Took me awhile to find out who the generous person was – turns out it was a gift from someone who saw my sculptures at Nuit Blanche 4 years ago and thought of me when they were cleaning out their cupboards. I’m always amazed at how life will intersect and connect…as if there’s something greater than the individual bits and pieces of time at work. Here’s how I connected some of those s-labelled bits together:

Key 1183 one side


Key 1183 other side


Key 1184 one side


Key 1184 other side


Key 1185 one side


Key 1185 other side


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