Key Project

Rollover! Keys 1186 – 1236

Fear of failure kept me from completing these latest keys in a timely fashion. I found my self working in fits and starts – often at the end of the night when I was too tired to resist my worries and really should have been in bed…I was influenced by a cookie magazine, dreams of grandeur, memories of my youth, and those new big icing tips that keep popping up on-line (Facebook? Instagram? Pinterest? – not sure) – wherever they are the ads worked because when I spied those tips in the Lee Valley catalogue I got some…

I did fail a lot making these keys – mostly with the icing (which I ended up making 3 times). But I had fun too! And even though the black dog came for a visit eventually he rolled over and I rolled over into the 1200’s. 1200 keys! That’s not nothing!!!

I am grateful to my husband who for the past few weeks patiently moved the many pans of undecorated gingerbread out of his lunch making way while I faffed around in my “process”.

Overall I’m happy with the end result (especially the taste) and know that I’ll be better at this the next time I give it a try.



Key 1186


Key 1187


Key 1188


Key 1189


Key 1190


Keys 1191, 1192


Keys 1193


Keys 1194, 1195


Keys 1196, 1197, 1198


Keys 1199, 1200


Keys 1201, 1202, 1203


Keys 1204


Key 1205


Key 1206


Key 1207


Keys 1208, 1209


Keys 1210, 1211


Keys 1212, 1213


Key 1214


Key 1215


Key 1216


Key 1217


Key 1218


Keys 1219, 1220


Keys 1221, 1222, 1223


Keys 1224, 1225, 1226


Keys 1227, 1228, 1229


Keys 1230, 1231


Keys 1232, 1233


Key 1234


Key 1235


Key 1236

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